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DressAfford long sleeved evening party wears

Sharing from Graham Texas

Hortencia Lara added 5 new photos . 6 hrs ยท

Getting this information out again to everyone!

Rosendo Lara is 81 years old blue eyes white hair, height 5' 6" weighs about 150 and Hortencia Lara is 84 years old brown eyes, hair black and some white blended in, height about 5' 0" weighs about 130 they were last seen driving a 2000 tan/silver Chevy Silverado 1500 TX license plates GWY7326 the passenger mirror has blue tape to help hold it up, they are from Bovina Tx, a very small town near Clovis NM, we believe they headed out that way, they usually go out to eat and come right back home but this time they never made it back, my grandpa has dementia and my grandma we believe is in the early stages of it as well, and yes we understand they shouldn't of even had access to their vehicle but my aunt's and uncles tried to take the truck away but that didn't work out too well, my grandpa is a stubborn man, the first picture shows how they would normally dress my grandpa always wears his leather jacket with black slacks and my grandma as well always wears her sweater with a skirt, they are loving people so if y'all see them please report it to this number 8064813303 its the parmer county sheriff's dept. We don't have any leads at this time, it's hard to track them since they don't have a cell phone, debit cards, checks, or the on star, and they are U.S. citizens, they are Hispanic and they only speak Spanish, please keep a lookout for them we don't know where they could have gone or what could have possibly happened to them, this situation is tough for everyone involved but we are trying out best to get them back home safely, we did put out a 2,000 dollar reward to help us locate them, I've went out and put posters around our surrounding towns and it's all over Facebook were really trying to get the message out so hopefully someone out there can help us locate them!!! Thank you guys for all your support we appreciate all your prayers and concerns and all the love y'all put out!!! God bless y'all and let's spread the word again so we can get my grandparents home!!! DressAfford long sleeved evening party wears