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dresses to wear to a wedding

"Open the door forecast"
There was no rain falling when i went to Kohl's....Pouring it down, when i came home!
Pretty much a wasted trip...not an employee to be seen or ask for help....Should have just shopped online!!!
Hate to do that but, this is what we are getting shoved to!
Came on home and did laundry...Shopped on line and supper was ready to begin.
Hmmm....Much less hassle and not overwhelmed with the over all mess!
The staff seems to be shrinking and in store help is stinking so it seems!
Ridded the lingerie drawer of "drawers"....Made room for the new....About, past do! lol
Tomorrow is Ground Hog's day.....To me it really does not matter what he might say....I am praying for an early spring and all this cold to end! Brrrr... dresses to wear to a wedding
Almost time to be starting seeds and such....Maybe that will boost my mood!
Riding along, I looked hard at the trees.....With a near squint, i saw some faint green that denotes Spring is near!
Hoping this is not just folly in my mind!
Dakota Trader got me a wonderful mug for Christmas...I took it work the other day...Love it! Thanks so much!
Ate the candy first, lol!
Without much doubt, there is rain and ice on the way..probably snow as well!!!
Proceed with all caution....Avoid excessive speed...
Dress for the evening temps and REMEMBER it is not Spring till IT is SPRING!
God bless each of you!
Wishing each you well!
The temp is still dropping...Watch your footsteps...
Going to the kitchen that never closes....sigh...
Too early for snowflakes falling and too late for the lunar eclipse...
Love y'all!
Think Spring!