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Why and When the Lord Rejected and Left this Current Regime

Many Kenyans especially Christians suffer ignorance especially in the current political situation in the country.

A Christian is called to among other things pray for their nation and their leaders. In most cases, the Lord even discloses to His people whom is it He wants to lead a nation, Amos 3:7.

We cannot pray if we have no revelation. If there is a time when Kenyans were confused on how to pray it was 2017.

This is the reason why the political dispute stil stands and will continue to do so until the nation prays effectively.

Now, Proverbs 18:18 says that when we have a dispute, we solve it through polls. This way, the Lord promised to settle the dispute and keep two strong men apart.
Of course the standard of God's polls is one that is free, fair, credible and accountable for He says, "I hate dishonest SCALES."

Now, I hereby share why the Lord has controversy over the regime. I have shared his again. I wonder why many saints do not value the rhema word. The rhema word is what helped Jehoshaphat win the war in 2 Chro 20.

I faithfully share according to 1 Cor 4:1


Date:. 22/7/2015
Time:. 6.00AM

I had been awake before 6am that morning. As I lay on bed, I fell into a trance. I saw myself discussing the political situation in the country. (Details hidden)

Then all of a sudden I saw the President and his deputy in a closed door meeting. They were discussing something of a very sensitive and serious nature. I could see they were in their shirts and had rolled their sleeves.

The issue seemed thorny and seemed to require a decision. The president seemed to have made up his mind but the deputy was really disturbed on whether to agree to the terms or not.

I could see the Deputy President walking out and in being followed by the president in what appeared to be coarsing of some kind. I understood that a lot of money had been deposited into the Deputy President’s account in billions.

The President seemed to tell him to consider the cash and let things be. Somehow, I could see that the Deputy President obliged albeit reluctantly and they moved back into the house seemingly having settled the issue.

Then I could see Bishop Litunda appearing as having been betrayed by the leadership of the nation. It seemed like he had had a discussion and understanding with them over a certain issue (revival?).

However, it was like at the time he needed them most, they changed their stand and chose another direction. He appeared very distraught, disappointed and frustrated. I could see that I made attempts to talk to him to tell him that there had been a conspiracy in the leadership that was opposed to what he had agreed with them.

I had an understanding that the leadership of the nation had planned to give the nation over to the enemy and so had to put him off. He looked very surprised and never expected things to turn out that way. He had really trusted them with the commitment that they had had.

Then I saw myself telling a large gathering that Africa still had not really gotten independence. That the current leadership was selling Africa to the former powers and that they were merely acting like their proxies.

The people seemed to be in agreement. At the same time, I could actually see the leadership of the nation at a distance in talks with some foreign power leader somewhat discussing on an issue.

We appeared as if returning to our various African countries. To our shock, we saw the doors of every African nation locked by some circular ring like steel lock. Every door was locked and there were security forces standing nearby.

Then I realized that it was the end of things and that we had been closed out and enter into the tribulation. Panic, pandemonium and stress captured everybody. I could see people starting to wail. The leadership continued talking with the foreign power leader in a very telling way. Something tragic looked like set to happen.

I turned back and we started walking away, trying to look for escape. I could see the Prophet of God, dressed in his trademark blazer, maroon in colour. He was calling people to come over to give thanks to God.

However, nobody listened. Everyone was looking for his escape. Then I called unto him, “Man of God, I know you are the prophet of God. Please call upon the Lord on our behalf that we may be saved. He obliged and went to his knees. I lay flat before him to show my surrender and desperation. However, something happened and I stood and left the place (hidden). floral wedding dresses

Then I saw ourselves gathering in groups. In my group, people were talking on how to somehow save themselves. I began to address them, “There are two options here: we either storm those security forces…I was interrupted by a man who said that it was the best option.

That a few of us would die out of being shot but the majority would overwhelm them. Those forces appeared to be for the Anti-Christ. I told them, “Hey, we cannot dare. Those forces are mighty. Let us cry to God and surrender to Him.”

Then some soldiers came where we were and picked certain persons they considered were out to lead in making trouble. I could see that they left me but began removing the teeth of those they picked. They used pliers to remove their teeth very painstakingly. There was wailing.

Then they gave those teeth to some of us to eat them! (Gnashing of teeth?)
When they gave me a piece to eat, it fell of my hand and broke into pieces. Then one of the soldiers asked me to give it to him somehow to show me how to do it.

He called me to himself and appeared like ready to destroy me. I called upon the name of Jesus Christ and said, “Lord, I surrender to you.” The all of a sudden, he became incapacitated and could do no harm to me. I began singing, “Oh the blood of JESUS, Oh the blood of Jesus.” As I sang, I could see a door opening so I could get in.

The door was very small and required care to enter. It appeared to be having steel around it but with piercing ends that could tear one’s flesh off as you entered. Then I woke up singing the song, “Oh the blood of Jesus.”

Glory to God

Lord Prepare me!

From this vision, we can understand how and why Jubilee had to retain power at all costs.
Tn RT.
However, we also understand why the dispute is on. We also understand why the Lord has rejected them with the following signs:

1. Falling mugumo trees Isaiah 1:29
2. Fallen sword at Nyayo Stadium
3. Fallen president portrait at Safari Club
4. Fallen presidential guards at Karai, Naivasha
5. Fallen buildings and chopper at rallies
6. Fallen elections (nullified)
7. Fallen influence (70% boycotting elections)
8. Fallen soldiers in Somalia (worst numbers)
9. Etc

Now, whereas the pair were selling the nation to the Beast, (enemies of Israel) Raila finds himself praying at the wall of Jerusalem, returns and speaks to language of Canaan fulfilling Kenya's prophetic calling in Isaiah 18:18.

It should be noted with concern that when Netanyahu came in here the first time, he was following the visits by Obama, Erdogan and the pope. These are the arch enemies of Israel. This explains why Kenya was lukewarm and not voted in the UN vote on Israel.

So the Lord began showing His people Raila winning the elections.

A servant of God saw as early as February Raila having 8m and Uhuru 7m. Personally , after 21 days fast to the elections, the Lord said, "Do not pray for this government any more. I have given them enough time to repent."

Then He showed me how the elections would be nullified. I shared this with people of God.

Then I saw a repeat elections where Raila would get 66% and Uhuru 34%. I shared this also. I was shocked when over 66% percent boycotted the elections!!!!

Folks, the Lord has spoken many things.

This is the prophetic advise:

Proverbs 18:18
We have a dispute and two strong men are intertwined. Only an election of God's standard will sort us out.

To him that has been chosen by God:
The Lord is waiting for you to enter into a lasting covenant with Him. This must include:

- declaring support and allegiance to Israel and Jerusalem and the Lord God Almighty.
Isaiah 18:18

Once you do this, the Lord settles the dispute.
Now saints, you can pray.

Gracias Jesus.