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good wear for the wedding in the coast

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• smut poem [english]
• "Good Night"

Here i am to tell a story that is untold
In the dark evening it's getting cold
This is the moment we have been waiting for
She'll arrive here after i count one two three four
Wearing that red dress tightly
And smiling at me slyly

She fixed her wavy hair before hugging me
I can feel the heat in her body
It is now starting
This is the one they call the beginning
She slowly placed her hand on my shoulder
She pushed me down and everything seems to be slower

It is very dark in the evening
I can't wait to see the sunset in the morning
I can feel the sensation of warmth when she put her lips on me good wear for the wedding in the coast
And as the night goes by our hair is getting messy
Then we'll start to sleep tight
And say good night