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lace a line wedding dress

This & That
February 2, 2018

The night before Thanksgiving

T'was the night before Thanksgiving
We stepped outside for a breath of air
The sky was full of vibrant colors
and the wind had settled down
so the people could celebrate and give thanks

November 2013 ~ Green Valley AZ

Impetuous One

Oh my your words are of impetuous sound
acting on the spur of the moment said to me
consider the consequences of your action

possibly my lips you desired to be found
why would I give them willingly to thee
what would be your emotional reaction

if these luscious lips to yours were bound
then so quickly you would learn to see
my impulse may give a thought to some action

get your amorous thoughts back to the ground
if ever you wish my kisses to be given free
you must earn them yourself to the maxim
.© Julia A Knaake

Rules of the game

Gentle persuasion of a caring one to another
rules over forced persecution and belittling

Wanting and showing interested to another
rules over demanding threats and hatred

stirring the inner core to one who cares for you
rules over the one who pushes love away

A gently drawing to one you you want to know
rules over anyone who has pushed all love away

Simply put these are the only rules of the game
it's your choice to lovingly care or not live the life of love

© Julia A Knaake
Remembering Isadora

Oh my student may I say

go away strict and formal

come here free-flowing moves

dance in your own form

in your own personal expression

wear your chosen garments

perform barefoot, and




do freely come and dance...

with all your heart and soul

©...Julia A Knaake

Weekend Affair

Up over the hills I travel many long miles to see
my lover just for the few days of stolen bliss.
This has been going on for three months
and soon must come to an end.

My love is only for her those precious days and
nights while home is forgotten for this short
time we lovers have together.

As I near her cabin I sometimes see her light dress billowing in the
wind and her arms full of wildflowers.

Other times I arrive and she is not there and I wonder where she can
be and why not there to greet her lover
with open arms.

She can be found walking in the woods or scrambling upon the boulders. lace a line wedding dress
Once I approached her with caution as she lay sleeping in the meadow
of balsam root with her binoculars laying upon her breast.

I whistle gently a tune she know is from my lips alone and she
awakened with a smile upon her sweet face.

She says she has been watching the badgers at play
with the binoculars but keeping at a safe distance.

Do you not know they could come after you as they can be fiercely
protective of their young and tear you to shreds I say with a sharp

She grins and pull out a gun from her collecting basket and says she
would just fire a warning into the air like she does with the bears
that venture in too close.

I give up talking to my love as I sweep her into my arms with a long
and lustful embrace to the lips.
She trembles and moans and I carry her off to the soft grassy meadow
where we both are gazing into each others eyes with lusty passion.

With great anticipation and the exciting rush of adrenaline we are now
into each other with wild
excitement and soon lay exhausted in the bent grass falling asleep
into each others arms.

When we awaken we go up to the cabin and prepare dinner
and sit and talk just for a while.

We both know this love affair will not last forever
but until the time it ends we enjoy each others company
to the maximum.

The sun is going down and the coolness
of the mountain air comes quickly.

I start a fire using her bundle of pitch sticks and she watches as I
put some back. She grins that I remember she does not like to waste
because the winter snow may be deeper this year and the wood supply
will be need to keep her cabin warm and toasty.

Soon we tire of talking and venture upstairs where our desire for
passion is again aroused. We fall asleep and awaken early morning. She
is off in her precious cast iron tub taking a bath and I am busy with
coffee and thimble berry pancakes.
She comes in barely covered in only an apron and
says she will set the table.

Now my appetite is for her precious alluring body not my belly. I
sweep her off to the bedroom and with deep tenderness we start our day
We go back to the table with our cold pancakes but we eat with zest.

We walk and talk outside and then come in and as her head is laying in
my lap I tell her I don't know what to do.
I can't live with you and I can't live without you.
We both know our three months are at an end.
There is more lovemaking and finally we part amicably
but still friends but no longer lovers.

Years later we chance to meet. We talk and hug and say good by but one
of us says to the other

"whenever I think of you a smile still comes to my face."

© Julia A Knaake

My Dear Friend

dear you complain you are
sad and old and unwise

do not be sad
dear long time friend
why do you think you are old

I am older than you
and I do not think myself old
but I can be bold

I am wiser but not wiser
I am tired but not tired
I am sad but happy

my dear friend be happy glad you are alive
Life is beautiful...yes it is

© Julia A Knaake


The heart was broken
A soul was stolen
breath was taken away
unknowing love was there

Stifling was introduced
to keep happiness away
hiding lust with awakening
unknowing love was there

then with gentle persuasion
without demanding control
the flower bud emerged
unknowing love was there

the flower awakened brightly
clearly all colors of the rainbow
emerged into brilliant radiance
unknowing love was there

always will be remembered
as the returning soul
the mending of a heart
unknowing love was there

© Julia A Knaake