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long black formal dress with sleeves

As many people are discussing the history of Camborne I'd like to share this historical information with you.

Please consider this post nostalgic regarding Camborne as it dates back 26 years and definitely had an impact on the town that all should be aware of.

Regardless of political party there was a time when John Cosgrove a man dedicated to Falmouth and Camborne was outvoted by Sebastien Coe a 'local runner from London' using Falmouth and Camborne as a fast track back to London.

I met with Mr Coe who arrived late to our meeting to discuss a community project I was going to personally fund and was classed as a dreamer. He did ask what I wanted from him to which I simply replied "Your support and approval to create a youth centre to encourage creativity and business." he said he was not willing to offer any support even verbally. long black formal dress with sleeves

Such people surely had a negative impact on the local towns to gain a positive outcome to their careers/goals.

On the positive side at least in 1992 we had Freddy Zapp and rather than Gary Glitter in 1997!