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mom dresses for wedding

I got this online and would appreciate your thoughts on this.
As a fashion designer, should we bill clients separately by sizing them up or stick to a price list


There is a lot of mistake that some of you make that keep costing you clients and gives you a bad Rep/ name.
Stop sizing people up or assuming their bank accounts are overflowing before giving them prices for the products/ services you offer.
Its distasteful and unprofessional.
Have a standard price list and stick to it.
And when you make adjustments to your prices, inform all clients or announce it on your social media pages.
You meet clients and assume they are rich and start giving 2× your charges. Or maybe because you've had the privilege of seeing some aspects of their life, you state exorbitant amounts.
Some time ago, a young promising Fashion designer tried this with me. I noticed that she would make dresses for me at "double or triple" the price she charges. I found out, replaced her and never sought after her services or recommended her to anyone after that. She was talented but not irreplaceable. mom dresses for wedding
Never assume that you can't be replaced especially if you own a competitive business.
So many people are willing to fill your shoes. Your clients will walk away and never look back.
The only exception to this is when you have a special agreement with your client such as *a wholesale/bulk buying plan* or a *special customization service*
For example, some clients come to me for special customization of products and I have a special fee. To promote transparency, I even included it to my price list.
If your offer discounts or your prices are negotiable, state that too. Be honest.
Some people wonder why I put up prices of skincare products/ hairs I sell with accompanying pictures?
It helps to promote transparency and prove you are a trust worthy person. Not a con artist who wants to exploit clients.
Some of you have stagnant and slow businesses because of this reason. If you don't stop this, your business may never grow!
I know a lady who sold jewellery to a friend @5,000 Naira, my sister saw it and loved it. My sister collected the same lady's number and sent her a message on WhatsApp.
Surprising, this lady told my sister that the exact jewellery was going for #25,000 (5x the regular amount). A jewellery her friend had just purchased two days ago. What caused such price hike??? If it was purchased a long time ago, it's a different case.
My sister got pissed and went on to explain who recommended her.
Jewellery seller apologized over and over and stated the real price but the deed was done. My sister had lost every "iota of respect and trust" for her. Sis looked for that jewellery online and bought it from someone else.
With her numerous messages and BC's, none of us have ever looked her way again.
Are you guilty of this act that has constantly ruined your business/ reputation?
Make a change today.
If this advice has been helpful, share this with other entrepreneurs or business you know.
Written by Amaka Madu
February, 2017
©All rights reserved