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off the shoulder prom dress

? 10 Maternity photo shoot ideas ( part 1) ?

? Wear a Floral Head Dress Or Crown
Floral headdresses and crowns are making a huge splash both in fashion and wedding photography. They look equally beautiful when worn in maternity photos. They can add a vintage, whimsical or bohemian vibe to your photos.
? Keep It Fun and Humorous
Not all maternity photos need to be serene and romantic for example; you can use about to pop sign or use balloons.
? Try A Silhouette Shot
Silhouette photos are simple and always stunning. In fact, these are pretty easy to do yourself. Grab your friend, have him/her face the sun during sunset while you (pregnant mum) stand in front of them. Get them to focus the camera on the background and snap away. The results will amaze you! off the shoulder prom dress
? Include Your Children
Our children are the most important things in our lives so it makes sense to want to include older siblings in our maternity photos.
? Head to the Water
There is nothing more calming than water, so if you are looking for beautiful relaxed maternity photos head to a lake or seaside to capture the serenity.