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seductive evening dresses

Sophomore year was the year we met ? ? . Romeo didn't come to school the first day but went the second day ? . I was still with one of my ex's at the time but I remember watching him walk in and i ran over to Mindee Nez-Hill and asked if Romeo used to dress like a girl and she was like "I don't fuckling know " I walked away from her saying "we'll she's cute as hell" (Little did I know Romeo had heard me lol) ? ? ? we didn't ever talk until we had officially got together, but from that point , even though I was with someone, I fell for Romeo. ? I used to wear short shorts and bend over in front of him, I was always looking at him and deadass I used to be mad asf when he wouldn't come to class. ? ? One day the damn speakers at aqua fria were messed up and i got mad and threw a pencil at it I ended up with detention and crumbled the paper up and threw it in the trash I look over to see Romeo laughing and it all started from there. ? ? .... a while later me and my ex broke up and the next day romeos ex best friend messaged me and had set us up. ? ? Me and Romeo talked all night and every night after that for two weeks ? . Then on and off me and Romeo were, For about four months until next this knew I MOVED IN HIS HOUSE! ? So many ups and down and it was hard but we pushed to make it through ? . Romeo and I went homeless and we slept outside of trailers , we went days without food, without showering, without anything ? ? and at the time all I wanted and was waiting for was Martin (supposed father) to get out of jail to help us out and when he finally did nothing changed ? ? ? . Me and Romeo bounced around looking for somewhere to go. Noelia Gamez and get sister Noemy taken us in for as long as they could and my cousin Estrella until Romeo was taken from me and i moved in with my sisters Mariah Lewis and Jocelyn Manzo and them. I stayed with them until Romeo came back to me and I cried every day and night. I broke down during school ? ? and till this day I cry at night. ? ? When Romeo finally came home I was in the middle of dying my hair to the color he wanted and he come home and left me ? ? he took off with my wedding ring and all I did was go inside and I fell to the floor crying ? ? ? ...I couldn't breath . ? it was so painful and after that I had given up. That heart break physically made me sick because the next day I got strep throat ? and I had never had it before. Romeo was my world ? ? . In the end it worked out and Romeo came back. ? We later moved in with my mom and set our goals our for bigger things ? , From there it got hard. I was arrested for hitting romeo, I was being a horrible girl and had my exs around and I was mentally abusive. ? ? After getting outta jail I was mad but all I really wanted want romeo. ? Abusing him was never my intention. Growing up all I seen was Martin abuse my mom and i didn't know any better, I just knew it was wrong. I set out to work on it and stop abusing him which I can now say I haven't abused him in months but it's still a work in progress. ? March of 2017 I took Romeo to Cali and we went because of an ex I have out there and it didn't go as planned it was just an okay trip. When we came back things still weren't going as planned but romeos mom had got a house so we moved in with her and it was working but she's something else and we just made it work. ? ? The hardest part about all of this is when it started to get better it just fell apart. A few months later I lost my lala girl ? ? ...this is one of my hardest topics to talk about... about a month and a half before her passing I went to see her and I ended up cheating on Romeo with lala. ? When I told Romeo I had to cut lala off and I didn't think anything of it until I woke up at 1:30 am and found out my baby was gone ? ? ? . I broke down ? . I fell apart ? . Thanks to Rachel Benavidez she was by my side because Romeo couldn't be there. Things kept getting worse from there. Me and Romeo argued because I spent more time with Rachel then I did at home. ? Me and Romeo then FINALLY moved back in with my mom because i wanted to go back to school and graduate to make my lala girl proud. ? ? As much as lala hated Romeo I know she's looking out for him up there ? ? . Lala knew what Martin ment to me and so did Romeo. Martin was my dad and I was a big daddies girl until I finally cut him out of my life for the better of myself. ? I felt no regret but i did hurt and sometimes still does. ? In December I was placed in st Luke's behavior hospital for overdosing because of losing lala and other problems. ? ? I had a lot of trouble dealing with her loss and I'm still having trouble. ? Being in St Luke's caused me to push my graduation back but I caused me to really just take my time and take things slow rather then rush it. Since I've been out Romeo has taken more responsibility in looking after me and making sure I'm okay. One thing I can say is through everything Romeo has stayed with me every step of the way. We have had three Christmas together ? and two thanksgivings ? . I've met all of his family and he's. Met some of mine. My mom Jessica Adame Fish and my dad Anthony Joe Fish have grown to love Romeo for the person he is. Watching Romeo be able to play and goof off with my family , especially my mom really makes me cry. Me and my mom never really got along but she's my everything besides Romeo and my dog ? . Lol. Romeo helped my mom for her wedding, he helps her at home, he runs to the store for her and he definitely takes care of her daughter. ? ? With today being our two year anniversary I just want to say I love this kid. Through everything....I just can't wait for the future. This is the person I'm going to marry , have children with, own a business with , everything. There is no starting over or breaking up ? ? and Romeo will continue to work, grow and strive to our success ? ? ? . Romeo iloveyou. I appreciate you. And I hope you know you really are the love of my life. I will forever scream 2/4/16 until my voice goes out. You are my sun and moon. Feeling you hold me at night is the best comfort, knowing your right next to me and okay eases my mind, and waking up to you every day put a smile on my face. seductive evening dresses ? ? ? You have come so far since we first met. Seeing you grow and watching you mature is a freaken blessing. ? ? You walked into my life for a reason and you have made me the happiest girl alive. Iloveyou more then I could ever imagine ? ? ? and don't be mad for some of these pictures or videos. To end this it's Romeo Xander Ruiz and Sierra Annette Ruiz ? ? 2/4/16.

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