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semi formal long dresses

CLOTHING DRIVE!!! Guess what…Kids in Action is having a HUGE PROM on Friday, May 11th!! Our theme is...drum roll please…. UNDER THE HS SEA!!! ? ? ?

Do know how Kids In Action’s dances and proms all began? When asked about going to their schools’ proms, many Kids In Action teens said they didn’t feel welcome at their own proms. So…. we started our own and they are EPICALLY INCLUSIVE! Your very own DJ, Magic Mando the Madcaster is ready to get this party started! We need your help to make this year’s prom the best yet. semi formal long dresses

This prom will feature a Get Glam section so that attendees can get to their freshest. Do you have scarves, costume jewelry, bridesmaid dresses, cardigans, shawls, dress jackets, mermaid tails, tiaras at home? Are you great at discount and thrift shopping? Help us collect a great Spring Collection 2018 for our teens to dress up in and wear home. All sizes and styles needed!

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