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sorority formal dresses

I wish more people did these. It's fun to learn odd little things about friends!!
• Favorite smell - vanilla
• Last cried - I don't cry; I'm a Fembot.
• Favorite pizza - Thin crust veggie
• Favorite flower - Bird of Paradise
• Favorite dog breed - Cat
• Favorite foot attire - Tall black Uggs
• Roller Coaster? - I love thrill rides!
• Hair color - Blonde
• Favorite ice cream - Vanilla
• Pet peeve - Willful ignorance
• Shorts or jeans - Dresses. For both casual and dressy
• What are you listening to right now? The birds in my yard
• Color of your vehicle - Hot Lava (orange)
• Color of eyes - hazel
• Favorite Holiday - Valentines Day aka My Birthday
• Night owl or day person - Owl
• Favorite day of the week - Every day except Monday
• Nickname - Kitty
• Favorite type of music - 70s/80s Dance Music
• Tattoos - Nope
• Do you like to cook? No. But I set a lovely table.
• Beer or wine? Champagne
• Can you drive a manual shift? Skillfully
• Do you wear perfume? Chanel
• Favorite color? Think Pink!
• Do you like vegetables? Yes!
• Do you workout? No. But I'm active
• Do you wear glasses? Yes, I'm terribly nearsighted.
• Favorite season? Spring
Come on... Everyone do this with me. Let's take a break & learn more about each other. It’s fun! Hold finger on post, hit copy & paste to your status! sorority formal dresses