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vintage inspired wedding items in short length

BROKEN CHAIN Episode 7 “Well we did caught
you cheat but hey you are a guy so it’s
understandable but when a married woman
decide to also go behind her husband then that
should be something to worry about” She
said. “Are you telling me that, my wife is cheating on me? Nana asked. “Well
technically, yeah she is cheating on you” She
confirmed. Nana stood up quietly, looking very
disturbed and heart broken. “Hmm I can see
how you are hurt because of the love you have
for her.” Fafa said. “How did you find out anyway? Nana curiously asked her. “Well, we
talk a lot and I have seen things” She
answered. “So why would you betray your
own friend, rather than talking her out of it”
Nana asked. “Well, I drove her here when you
were cheating on her, don’t you think it’s payback time. Besides, it really hurts me to see vintage inspired wedding items in short length
such a good man like you go through so much
pain.” She said and drew closer to Nana. “I
know everything going on in your marriage,
tell me, when was the last time you even felt
the warmth of your wife yet she is out there giving it someone else” She said. “I think
you should get out now” Nana said. “Hmm,
you have no idea of what your wife is planning
to do, she thinks you are impotent that’s why
she is cheating on you.” She said. Before Nana
realized it, half of his button had already been opened. He was falling for the seduction of
Fafa. Meanwhile, Adoley was also trying to fix
things, with the help of Adjoa, she cooked her
husband’s favorite dish for dinner and lighted
the dining table with romantic candles and
champagne. She wanted to make amends for what she had done. She showered up quickly
and wore a special dinner dress waiting for her
husband to come. She really looked beautiful in
that dress; her body curves outlined in her
attire. She was simply irresistible. She waited
and waited and waited yet there was no sing of her husband coming. She waited together with
Adjoa, at the living room. Adjoa had already
fallen asleep; Adoley was really worried about
her husband. She thought something might
have happened to him. Nana had never spent
that long at work before for that reason, it even made her very worried. She called him
severally yet the call wasn’t going through.
Adoley stood there hoping that her husband is
alright. Meanwhile, the situation was different
at Nana’s office, he had almost fallen to the
temptation of Fafa. She succeeded in getting some soft kisses from Nana, but Nana came
back to himself and pushed her away. She tried
to intensify her moves but Nana was strong
this time around until she finally gave up. “Get
out of my office now before I call the
security” Nana shouted. “Well, today is the first time, and I know you would want more of
that. But hey, don’t worry; I’m just a phone
call away from you.” She said and left the
office. Nana was really sweaty, even though
the air-conditioner was on, He was sweating
and panting. He really had a tough time in resisting her, but he was able to do it at the
end. He wondered what Fafa had told him was
the truth. But he knew Fafa couldn’t be
trusted yet he can’t just ignore her
accusations. Nana was determined to come to
the bottom of this matter. If really Adoley was cheating on him, then he has no reason to
continue with this marriage. But he still loved
her. The best way was to confront her rather
than keeping it to himself. That was the
decision he made, to confront her. He will
know what to do depending on the answer that she will give. He straightened up his attire and
went straight home. In no time he got home
and saw his wife at the living room. He had
forgotten about all the plans of him making
things right, as much as he had his reasons to
doubt Fafa, Fafa in a way has succeeded in getting him upset with his wife. He just went to
his room without saying anything to Adoley.
She also got upset for him coming home late
without any explanation. She followed up to his
room and there again their usual argument
began. “You come home this late and you just rush into bed without saying anything to me”
Adoley said “The last time I checked, You and
I had nothing to talk about” Nana said. “Am
your wife Nana, I deserve to be treated as
such. You can’t just do things your own
way” Adoley said. “Do things my own way? Funny world. So you know you’re my wife yet
you go about cheating on me just because you
think I’m impotent. Well guess what the
doctor said, I am fine and very fertile,
definately am not the one facing fertility issues
here.” Nana stunned her. “What? You call me a cheat and a barren woman? She said and
began shedding tears. TO BE CONTINUED