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vintage tea length wedding dresses

The Wedding Dress

There, in that pitch black darkness
One night, I clung to your fancying
I wore the white wedding dress
Closed my eyes to night's darkness
I saw your tall body standing by me
Kingly and proud, strutting
The perfume of white jasmine coming from me
The perfume of lilies coming from you
Both at the heights of happiness
We were all mystery of love
Like the sound of waterfalls both of us
We were all song and lyrics
You hoping for a bright future
I desiring a life full of serenity
You pressed my hand with warmth and I
Held your hand in faithfulness
In that golden seclusion of our privacy
What a dreamy fanciful assembly it was
No one could intrude except you and I
A limitless beneficence of God it was
Your warm and deceiving laughter
Dragged me slowly toward you
My fast and accelerating breathing
Sent fire to every thread of your hair
I said, oh God, I'm going crazy
With this night full of story and mystery
I pressed your hand and shouted
Oh all my being, oh all my desire
This dress that you see on my body
Is a swear to keep your love secure
This is not the white of the dress
It is a reflection of my sincerity and nobility vintage tea length wedding dresses
Your eyes stared at my stature
You laughed softly at my naivete
A nobility you did not acknowledge
A serenity and purity only of your making
The night once more spread its darkness
Everything turned black and dark
I saw my warm dream expired
Turned to cold, sorrowful, deadly
Once again the door was closed
The red lantern of stars died
My heart like the ardent moth
Burned around the candle, whimsicalness
The wedding dress of mine that night
Showed its true color
The black of your heart and the white
Of my noble loving heart
Nahid Ghazal Ghanizada
Kabul 1361
Translated from Persian by: Qasem Ghazanfar